Fence Homegame Pre-Season Friendly 2

De Rosa / Kid Creosote / Kid Canaveral / Gummi Bako – Hew Scott Hall, Anstruther – 22nd March 2009


Just in from a wonderful afternoon in Anstruther at the Fence Homegame Pre-season Friendly 2. Family circumstances meant that we were later in getting in than intended and as a consequence we missed King Creosote’s opening set and also Come In Tokyo.

But we were in time to see Gummi Bako. This was a solo rather than a band performance but it was wonderfully entertaining stuff with the between song banter matching up to the songs.

Next up were Kid Canaveral and from opener ‘Good Night’, they were terrific.  They blast through their set of melodic, punky numbers with great humour.


Fence head honcho Kenny Anderson then took the stage for a brief set of thoughtful acoustic numbers. Believe it or not, this is the first time that I’ve actually been exposed to King Creosote but I’d like to hear more.

Finally no in depth analysis is required for De Rosa’s performance.  From start to finish they were magnificent, and it’s definitely the best show I’ve seen them play. They played the new LP almost in its entirety in sequence then followed that up with ‘Evelyn’ and ‘Camera’. And the crowd was not letting them off at that, so we got that rarity –  a De Rosa encore – a superb ‘Cathkin Braes’. It was an awesome performance with personal highlights including hearing both ‘Stillness’ and ‘Swell’ live for the first time.

On a personal nature, I was also thrilled that my two boys throughly enjoyed their first indoor show. I was a little concerned that they might be bored waiting for De Rosa but such was the quality of the acts that they managed to keep a 9 and 12 year old engrossed in the whole event.In fact the whole thing was a roaring success and a great advert for Homegame itself in April. I can hardly wait.

I’ve got a pile of photos from the show and I’ll sort these out over the course of the next few days and post a link.

Here’s the video for De Rosa’s first single, which got its first outing in a while at Glasgow the other night:

De Rosa setlist

1 A Love Economy  2 Nocturne For An Absentee  3 It Helps To See You Hurt  4 Pest  5 Stillness  6 In Code  7 Swell  8 Flight Recorder  9 Tinto  10 Evelyn  11 Camera

Encore – 12 Cathkin Braes

Another review  from the family here


  1. camster29 says:

    Good post man! The music was very good and the first guy there was really good and funny at the same time! hopefully De Rosa will become famous!

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