Friday night’s outing to see the Wildhouse was pretty much scuppered before I even got there, as I got some bad news just before reaching the venue. This news didn’t just put a damper on Friday but permeated the whole weekend, hence the lateness of this post. It was not a night therefore for making judgements on any of the bands performing.

I can say however that this was the Wildhouse at their most confrontational. The tone was set with Peter off playing before Paul and Sheila were properly set-up and Paul then briefly berating the audience in a short break in the feedback squall. A totally uncompromising 20 minutes or so of sonic belligerence followed. Any remote chance of melody intruding on the set was completely lost by the fact that Paul’s vocals were totally inaudible almost from the start. I was standing just 3 or 4 yards from him, could see he was singing but not hear a word over the very loud screaming guitars and drums.

Jousting with Dracula were on first but I caught only the last couple of numbers of their Mogwai influenced slow-core. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of young Dundonians Mason who veered from a scratchy instrumental, through more melodic songs to one which was very much in Arctic Monkeys territory.


Bronto Skylift meanwhile were a two piece mainlining on early Nirvana for the most part, although their last song had a funkier edge. Again very loud with plenty of screaming, they seemed reluctance to use the stage area given that the drummer sat with his back to the audience and the guitarist frequently joined him.

Like, I say, not a night for me to judge anyone, but check out the links if you’re interested in any of the above.

Normal service will be resumed soon.

The Wildhouse in action in Glasgow earlier this year:

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  1. markwildhouse says:

    there is a short video but it is quite brutal and shelia has banned it
    great review

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