Our Friends Electric


Last night’s TV21 show at the Electric Circus was certainly one of the more raucous the band have put on since reforming. It was a performance which was slightly at odds with the fairly refined surroundings of the Electric Circus, littered as it is with sofas and even a chaise lounge very close to the stage.

It’s fair to say though that it wasn’t the tightest show the band have played with, for example, Ally and Norman both leaving the solo in ‘Time and Again’ to each (to good comical effect). However that didn’t stop the band nor the respectable audience throughly enjoying the show.

The sound was somewhat problematic with the early songs bass dominated, – although that actually worked in favour of the early highlight, a rare outing for  ‘This Is Zero’. The guitars were turned up higher in the mix after a few songs, but the whole thing was a little bit fuzzy with a run of songs rather merging into one another.

Things were better in the closing stages with an energised ‘Through Different Eyes’ and a scorching, pogo inducing ‘Tomorrow’ particularly effective. Set closer ‘On The Run’ probably benefitted too from the uptempo approach.

Although the sound engineer didn’t seem too keen the band gave the enthusiastic audience the encore they deserved with  an excellent ”Snakes and Ladders’ and ‘Shattered By It All’.

It was pretty much the TV21 rock set (even if ‘Last Man Standing’ was missing) so the loud volume wasn’t a huge problem. But it was a good rather than a great show and next time I’d love to hear a clearer sound and maybe a little more of their jangly material.

The evening was opened by Panda Su who once again aoffeed somethnig of a contrats to the headliners and it was interesting to hear the material for a second time. All in all it’s a bit more melancholic than my initial impressions last month but it’s also easy to appreciate why the duo are attracting interest. They have an EP due for release in October and, on this evidence, it’s something worth looking forward to.

TV21 Setlist

1. One Day In Summertime  2. Something’s Wrong  3. This Is Zero  4. Time and Again  5.  Forever 22 6. When Cole Was King 7. Look To The Sun 8. Too Late For Me Now  9. How Did You Get It So Wrong? 10. Through Different Eyes  11. Tomorrow 12. On The Run


13. Snakes and Ladders 14. Shattered By It All