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I’ve never heard back from Fileden as to what’s happened to my account and since I’ve not had the time to make alternative provision there will be no MP3s on here for a while. But I wouldn’t have been posting this forthcoming single anyway and if there’s a song guaranteed to lift spirits then Mitchell Museum’s ‘Tiger Heartbeat’ is surely it.

There was something about Mitchell Museum’s debut single ‘Warning Bells’ which suggested a band of real potential. Follow-up single ‘Tiger Heartbeat’ more than confirms that. Plain and simple, it’s a brilliant infectious pop song. Whilst the arrangements of the songs released so far offer up a degree of indie credibility, at their core these are songs about melody, melody, melody.

So whilst live they may lend themselves to Grandaddy comparisons, listening to the records reminds me more of the sugar rush of the likes of Oppenheimer. Which is a good thing.

Bizarrely enough the physical release of the single is going to be on C10, which is surely no more than an attention grabbing gimmick. I mean it was hardly the best of formats when it was commercially available but can many people actually play cassettes these days? Having said that even on the tinniest of portable cassette players I suspect that Tiger Heartbeat will still more than hold its own.

Mitchell Museum are playing at the Edge Festival later this month – catch them before they’re huge. The single is out now – in a limited edition of 100 copies! Get it here


  1. Jim says:

    The tape gives you access to a free download too. I’m running a risk of turning into a right wee cheerleader for this band, but hey, i like them loads, I can’t help it.

    (My tape is yellow)

    1. Yeah, Jim, I should have mentioned that. Nothing wrong with being a cheerleader!

  2. Jim says:

    I really don’t suit the outfit though, don’t have the arse for it…

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