Still alive – just

No, it may have seemed otherwise recently but certainly not dead.

I’ve been in something of a bind – a lack of time, no resolution to the Fileden issue and a lack of a clear idea of where I want to take the blog (if anywhere) . These have all contributed to the unprecedented gap between posts.

Normally in situations like this I would do a quick post and shove up an MP3 to tide me over. But the Fileden problems scupper that approach.

So finally a little about a couple of albums I downloaded in June, in amongst the deluge of good CD purchases.

Now, I may have used the word ‘twee’ about Zoey van Goey at some point (I’m pretty sure I did) but if their debut LP ‘The Cage Was Unlocked All Along’ does little to dispel that notion, it’s still a fine pop LP. And there’s a little more darkness perhaps than might have been expected. As the video for ‘City is Exploding’ illustrates:

Spookily enough, just as I was drafting this post, the LP has been picked up by Chemikal Underground for a wider release in October. Well deserved.

Another LP to catch the ears in an unexpected way in June was Beerjacket’s ‘Animosity’. Initially I was disappointed in the record,  not because of the quality of the songwriting but because it seemed just to consist of voice and guitars. Paying more attention, however there is a subtle backing to the two leads and after a few listens it’s kind of wormed its way into my consciousness. So, again, it’s highly recommended. [Download it]

I promise there won’t be two more weeks plus before the next posting.


  1. Jim says:

    Two albums I really liked, though maybe two that aren’t instantly accessible. I’ll join you in highly recommending the pair of them too!

  2. I’d have thought that the ZVG LP was fairly immediate, Jim. But Beerjacket is certainly a grower.

  3. jc says:

    I’ll add my voice to the ZVG LP being rather excellent.

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