The Edge Festival – Malcolm Middleton, Cabaret Voltaire, 27th August 2009

I’ve seen a fair few Middleton gigs in the last couple of years and it’s fair to say that this was far from the best technically but it was still a cracking show. OK, there were plenty of cock-ups, usually with Jim’s keyboards or laptop, plenty of bum notes and words getting forgotten. In fact when Malky forgot the words at the start of encore ‘Run To You’ he even had a slight domestic with Jenny over whether or not she should sing the lot! It really was far more entertaining this way.

The main set was identical to the Tut’s show, so again it was very Gibbous heavy, angling towards new classics such as ‘Box & Knife’ and ‘Shadows’ rather than oldies such as ‘F*** It’ and ‘Devastation’ which were missing once again. The only deviations came in the encore which Malky started with a solo new song possibly called ‘One More Song’ (or ‘Sitting On My Fat Arse on a Tuesday’, which would be better!).

Musically a dramatic ‘Speed On The M9’ was probably the highlight. But there were some oddities too – some serious riffing on the outro of  ‘Box and Knife’ and even an impromptu jam at the end of ‘A Brighter Beat’ which Malky rather sheepishly brought to an abrupt end.

And there was no coyness about ‘Run To You’ this time and it has to be said that they gave it the treatment that it deserves. After a competent performance in Glasgow this time they caught the right note – they slaughtered it. As well as the early song domestic, there was a horrible mistake on the synth riff all adding up to something of a shambles, albeit a magnificent one.

This playfulness may have been because it was a significant one for the Middleton band – as it was Michael Scanlon’s last show ever apparently and Jenny’s last for a while. It will be a different band that hits the Scandanavian shores next month (if it is a band and not Malky solo).

Maybe I’m making this sound terrible. It certainly wasn’t – it was a blast from start to finish.

Malky signed off with ‘See you – some time’ – hopefully not before too long passes.


  1. jc says:

    bugger. I should have made the time to get through.

  2. I feel much the same about Magazine, JC!

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