Isa & The Filthy Tongues, Twa Tams, Perth


Isa & The Filthy Tongues, Twa Tams, Perth – Saturday 5th September 2009

Isa and the Filthy Tongues were building up to a rare London appearance when I saw them on Saturday night at the Twa Tams in Perth. It was my first time at the Twa Tams and initial impressions were a little confusing as to where the actual venue is. But it turns out to be a compact but decent sized room behind the main bar which is set up far better than many pub type gigs.

Much of what I’ve written before about the Filthy Tongues applied to this show. The band are a terrifically tight set of musicians with Martin Metcalfe’s guitar complemented by the rhythm section of Derek Kelly and Fin Wilson. Unusually perhaps, the sound set-up featured the guitar and vocals above the rhythm section and whilst I’m sure we’ve all seen shows with the guitars drowned in the mix, this time I could have lived with a little more of the bass and drums!

The band started in a fairly low key way – with Metcalf seated at the back of the stage it’s not clear initially if they had actually started or were just doodling as a late sound-check but as things came together Martin came forward to sing a MacKenzies number.

Thereafter the early part of the set was dominated by songs from LP ‘Addiction’ with newer songs and the odd Mackenzies classic thrown in to the mix in the latter stages. There were fewer new songs than in Edinburgh but one added since, ‘Suicide Pimp’ sounded pretty good. ‘Big Blue Eyes’ on second listen is very much a worthy successor to the songs on the first LP and it was great too to hear ‘New Town Killers’ live for the first time.

The overall impression was that the new songs extend the band’s repertoire and augur well for the second LP, which may be due as early as next month.

I’ve probably said this before but the Filthy Tongues are undoubtedly one of these bands who deserve a much bigger audience than they’re currently attracting.

The video for an early highlight:

And Saturday’s setlist, minus the opening number (and there were no encores either).