Kristin Update

Kristin Hersh

I confess that I’ve been neglecting Kristin Hersh of late. As you may know, Kristin is one of the great proponents of the web as a way for musicians to earn a living and has been giving her songs away on the web for almost 2 years now.

The aim of the free music is essentially to put Kristin’s music out there for people to hear.She once remarked that far more people had heard of her band (Throwing Muses) than had actually heard anything by them.

Her activities are financially supported by a subscription service, without which she confesses she would not be able to make music. Her next regular LP, the follow-up to ‘’ is due in the autumn and will be based on her last year’s ‘Speedbath’ batch of songs. However it looks like it will not simply be last year’s songs gathered together. K is already well advanced with her next set of songs and it seems that some of these will be on the release as well.

I’m ashamed to say that until the other night, I only had the first two. Yet latest tune ‘Glass’ is her eighth post-‘Speedbath’ release this year. Anyhow whilst I’m trying to digest this big batch of new material here’s a link to the latest KH release:

Kristin Hersh – Glass