I Might Just Get Lost This Way Again

Kid Canaveral’s new EP ‘Left and Right’ bears all the hallmarks of their run of excellent singles to date. On one listen you may be prepared to dismiss it as ‘ok’ but give it a second chance and the tune will squat in your head and simply refuse to leave.

For ‘Left & Right’ is another brilliant, infectious guitar pop song from a band who seem to increasingly dispense such tunes with ridiculous ease.

Where ‘Left and Right’ differs from previous releases is that the other tracks on the EP are stylistic departures from their previous material. ‘Stretching The Line’ is a much more contemplative number with electronic percussion whilst ‘Long In The Tooth’ is effectively an Arab Strap tribute with very Aidan Moffat like spoken vocals set against a gorgeous melody with strings and vocals.

‘Left and Right’ is the latest release to pursue the current bizarre fad for cassette singles, although thankfully it is also available on download (and that’s not something I say often!) If you want the cassette though you’ll have to get along to one of their gigs, including their appearance at the Manic Pop Thrills presents event on Sunday 29th November at the Westport Bar, Dundee when Kid Canaveral will be playing with Saint Jude’s Infirmary, Panda Su and Hookers for Jesus

Tickets for the event can be purchased online here or in Groucho’s whilst you can download the EP here.