A Different Kind of Thrill

Every now and again, something appears in the inbox that I’m genuinely interested in. So getting an email with the heading Eagleowl was a welcome treat indeed. Their new single, out shortly, is called ‘Sleep The Winter’ and given my current circumstances that’s a very appealing title.

I attempted to clear the schedule prior to the MPT presents show last weekend but in practice it didn’t work out that way at all. In fact my life has been pretty idiotic with barely a moment of down time in the last month. As a consequence the idea of sleeping the winter is hugely attractive at present.

As does the single. Now Eagleowl do not fall into either of the ‘Manic’ or especially ‘Pop’ categories of this blog’s manifesto, given that they are best known for doing things as slowly as they can. But they certainly offer a different kind of thrill.

‘Sleep The Winter’ is in some ways a bundle of contradictions – melancholy yet uplifting, menacing yet serene, intimate yet stately. In short Eagleowl are unique and quite special.

The single is officially released on 7” and download on Monday 14th December. There’s a single launch in Edinburgh at the Bowery this coming Friday (11th) with support from Dan Willson (Withered Hand) and Jill O’Sullivan from Sparrow and the Workshop followed by a Glasgow launch at the 13th Note on the 14th.

You can check out ‘Sleep The Winter’ at the Eagleowl Myspace. I’ll be buying the single (although sadly not at the launch) and would respectfully suggest you can do the same

You can also get the debut EP ‘For The Thoughts You Never Had’ from here for free if you’re mean!


  1. Ed says:

    Love this band. Trily awesome and hoping to finally see them live this week.

    1. It’s funny, Ed, of all the bands I’ve seen in the last couple of years, Eagleowl are the one who live sound most like the records. But they’re still definitely worth catching – there’s no-one quite like them.

  2. Jim says:

    I just totally adore this single.
    Managed to get myself along to the Glasgow leg of the launch gigs last night and it was unsurprisingly really good. First time seeing both eagloeowl and Withered Hand who both supported and joined in later, so it was quite a wee treat.

  3. Sounds nice, Jim. Will need to order the single myself. Been well off the pace in the last fortnight!

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