2009 LPs – 20-11

Well, I think it’s fair to say that the elastic has broken on my stupid life. Having scrambled through to the Christmas holidays, I’ve actually achieved very little beyond completing Mrs MPT’s gift list since last weekend. Plans for three posts in the last fortnight have produced one half written piece. Which I will come back to.

So, later than intended and combined into 1 post rather than 2, here is the first run through of my favourite LPs of the year.

Overall 2009 has been a year in which I’ve heard more LPs that I’ve liked than ever before. But it may also be true that the number of classics is round about the same as usual. Nevertheless I feel that I can stretch beyond my usual Top 10 with a degree of confidence. So here are numbers 20-11 in the MPT Top 20 LPs of 2009:

20 – Sophia – There Are No Goodbyes [Buy it] (may still be the double!)

Robin Proper-Shepphard returned with an LP which didn’t quite scale the heights of previous LP, ‘Technology Won’t Save Us’ but TANG was nevertheless a fine collection of songs. A very under-rated talent.

A live performance from the record:

19 – Bob Mould – Life and Times [Buy it]

A big improvement on career low point ‘District Line’, L&T largely dispensed with Bob’s recent obsession with fucking up his vocals. There were still a handful of great tunes.

Here’s a solo version of the best song on the LP:

18- Fuck Buttons – Tarot Sport [Buy it]

IMHO ‘Tarot Sport’ lacked the innovation and impact of debut ‘Street Horssing’. But if you’re looking for a ravey, guitary, noisy instrumental LP, then you can’t do much better.

The video for the single:

17 – The Twilight Sad – Forget The Night Ahead [Buy it]

The band reckon that anyone who think that their debut is better than this is simply plain wrong. Well, I’m happy to be wrong on this one although it may simply be a case of liking the debut more than this. The first single is probably the highlight:

16 – Isa & The Filthy Tongues – Dark Passenger [Pre-order]

Snuck out late in the year in a collector’s edition ahead of a full release in the New Year,  ‘Dark Passenger’ is a different, more mature record to its predecessor. Full review shortly. (Promises, promises).

15 – Beerjacket – Animosity [Buy it]

Almost completely acoustic, ‘Animosity’ enthrals with its song-writing as much by the fact that its short one word song titles, would just as easily lend themselves to a punk LP. The aggression may be restrained but it’s unmistakeably still there.

14 – Saint Jude’s Infirmary – This Has Been The Death of Us [Buy it]

I should have reviewed this properly weeks ago but never quite found the time. Much more varied than its predecessor it nonetheless retained the strengths of the former. Let’s hope the title isn’t self-fulfilling.

13 – Idlewild – Post Electric Blues [Buy it]

Commercially Idlewild seem on a downward spiral yet it’s difficult to know what people want from them. PEB stretched the envelope and contained a number of fine songs but it seems to have disappeared almost without trace.

‘Readers & Writers’ live on BB6 live:

12 – Grant Hart – Hot Wax [Buy it]

After 10 years we could maybe have expected more songs from ‘Hot Wax’ but the songs are as good as you might expect and Grant’s voice remains a thing of beauty. Celebrate the fact that it’s here at all.

11 – Sonic Youth – The Eternal [Buy it]

‘The Eternal’ didn’t quite match their Noughties high point ‘Nurse’ but seemed more focussed and taught than the extremely patchy ‘Rather Ripped’ Disappointed that I didn’t get the chance to catch them live.

A video from the LP:

Coming over the weekend, numbers 10-6.

Hope you all have a good festive season.


  1. jc says:

    as ever Michael……superbly intelligent writing and choice of sounds. A list that I imagine will be quite unique among all that I chance upon this year.

    Great stuff

  2. Ed says:

    Proud to say that I have seven of these…guess I am going to have to be wrong about the Twilight Sad!

    Hopefully next year your list will include the Wildhouse…?!

  3. Wouldn’t be much point in doing it if it was the same as everyone else’s, would there, JC? Hopefully the Top 10 will have a couple of surprises for you too.

    I’m guessing Grant and Bob are two of the three, Ed. Isa too maybe?

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