2009 LPs – 10-7

10. You Already Know – Stop Whispering [Buy it]

An almost heavy metal, almost all instrumental LP? Why not? YAK straddle metal, a little bit of punk and even some post rock. But there’s precious little post about this as they rock like demons for the most part.

A YAKTV episode featuring one of the LP tracks:

9. St Vincent – Actor [Buy it]

Of all the records in this list, this is the one I’m most uncertain about – it could have been anywhere between 4 and 20. I’ve been listening to it on and off for almost 6 months and I’m impressed with its mixture of Disney show tunes and crunching beats but whilst I like it, I just don’t know how much.

The first single from the record:

8. TV21 – Forever 22 [Buy it]

Was always a shoo-in for the Top 10 but reviewing the actual record was always going to be tough given how well I knew many of the songs from live shows and rough mixes. On the positive side the record’s packed with great songs but I’ve got a nagging disappointment about the production on some of the tracks which could have benefitted from sounding more like the production on the extra tracks.

A live version of one of the songs from the record:

7. Zoey van Goey – The Cage Was Unlocked All Along [Buy it]

Once upon a time I dismissed ZVG as twee. And whilst seeing them live subsequently revised that opinion I wasn’t immediately struck by this record. But it really turned out to be a grower and is probably the finest Scottish pop album of the year. There are also some ambitious arrangements which destroy any notions of tweeness.

From the LP:

I’d intended, somewhat logically, to do nos 10-6 in this post but on reflection, nos 4-6 are very difficult to split so I’m holding back no 6 until tomorrow.