Worthy of Attention

To break up the end of year nostalgia fest, I’d like to bring to your attention a couple of releases.

The Second Hand Marching Band have released their second LP but if you want a physical copy of the ‘Grit and Determination’ EP then you’ll need to hurry, it’s only available until the 1st of January. More info and a chance to listen to the four tracks on the EP at their Myspace. (Thanks to Aye Tunes for alerting me to this release)

I haven’t had much of a chance yet to listen to it but can already conclude that a) it very much sounds like the SHMB, and b) appropriately enough given that Scotland has been in winter’s clutches for the last fortnight, it’s about, er, winter. One of my New Year resolutions will have to be catching them live sooner rather later.

Also, hot on the heels of their ‘Left and Right’ EP,  Kid Canaveral are giving away a track from next year’s much anticipated debut LP. The song is ‘Good Morning’ which has been a highlight of the last 2 live shows I’ve seen the band play and you can get it, free, from their Bandcamp page here.

Oh, and Lucas Renney is going out on tour supporting Field Music in the New Year. The tour takes in Nice ‘n’ Sleazys in Glasgow on Wednesday 24th February.