Kid Canaveral/Babygod/Cancel The Astronauts

Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh – Saturday 13th February 2010

Kid Canaveral

This three band bill turned out to be the perfect way to forget a depressing afternoon. Which isn’t perhaps a surprise given that, at the moment, no band in Scotland is more guaranteed to put a smile on my face than headliners Kid Canaveral.

They’re everything a guitar pop band should be and the fact that they’re clearly having a good time on stage is infectious. They get off to a good start when ‘Good Morning’ opens the set (it’s probably my current favourite KC song) and then rattle off one gem after another

For their first show of the year they also debuted 3 excellent new songs from the record. The first was a short, electro-tinged folk lament, (its only precedent in the repertoire being ‘Stretching The Line’ from the Left and Right EP whilst by contrast the third song (something about a curse) was KC at their most rambunctious. The pick of the new songs though was ‘I Only Went Out To Get Drunk Last Night (or something similar), David playing off the vocals off the other band members.

Given that the other ‘new’ song I saw for the first time in Dundee, ‘And Another Thing!!!’ already sounds like another Canaveral classic (you can download a live version here) anticipation for the new LP has already reached fever pitch. Which isn’t good since it likely won’t be out until the end of June!


Second band babygod turned out to be rather intriguing. I’ve been aware of the name for some time but wasn’t sure what to expect. They turned out to be the rockiest act on the bill and quite Seventies influenced, with set closer ‘Throw It In The Fire’ almost a glam stomper.  I also hear a bit of dEUS and Aereogramme in there as well, particularly when they kick up a storm and they definitely seem like a band who you will appreciate more the better you get to know them.

Cancel The Astronauts

Cancel The Astronauts opened proceedings and I at least had the benefit of having heard some of the tracks off the EP before seeing them live. Their quirky pop sensibility was expected and not surprisingly there’s a little more zip to the live show than on record.

The set was book ended by two of the best tracks from the EP, title track up first ‘I Am The President of Your Fanclub …’ and ‘Let’s Go Expo’ to close the set and in between they delivered a highly enjoyable set. I’m looking forward to becoming better acquainted with the EP and to their second release which should follow in the not too distant future.

I have plenty of photos from the show and will stick up a link to them later in the week when I get a chance to sort through them.

More pics to follow


  1. Jim says:

    Kid Canaveral helpfully posted their setlist on Twitter, you can play spot the new songs –

  2. Thanks, Jim. I’d noticed that, but it didn;t work when I tried it on Monday. Cursing Your Apples – quality!

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