Are We Done, Dee?

The Undertones – Fat Sam’s Live, Dundee – 26th February 2010

The Derryonians

Is there really anything left to write about the Undertones?( Other than they appear to have replaced singer Paul with Dara O’Briain??)

Probably not so I’ll just have to resort to saying what a good time we had on Friday at Fat Sam’s. When it comes to 3 minute pop songs then the Undertones are peerless. As their 70 or so minutes on stage consist of one gem after another.

Given the real jobs they probably don’t tour as much as they might do otherwise Friday’s show illustrates that they take a huge amount of enjoyment from performing these songs.

Perhaps the only drawback is that the excellent ‘Dig Yourself Deep’ LP is represented only by two songs. It’s fairly common for long running bands to give their newer material short shrift.But then again perhaps the concentration on the hits is due to the fact that this is apparently their Dundee debut,

However as a bonus they unveil a new song in the encore which is probably the heaviest thing they play all night. As with parts of ‘Dig’ it’s more reminiscent of John’s writing in That Petrol Emotion than the early Undertones but the band genuinely seem excited about playing new material.

I was always concerned that bands that reform would somehow lose the essence of what made them great first time around. That’s not something you could accuse the Undertones of and this show is conclusive proof that they at least are still performing for the love of the music.

Support act were local band the Trade who brought a sizeable following of their own to the gig. In a way they’re refreshing for me. I’ve seen so many multi-band bills recently and enjoyed every one that I was starting to wonder if my critical faculties were starting to slip.

But no. They’re not. I didn’t enjoy The Trade. I’m not going to slag them off but they’re just not my thing.

Undertones photos to follow



  1. Yair Goodfellow says:


    I concur – a great gig and a wonderful band. However the new song you refer to was in fact a cover of Search & Destroy by (Iggy Pop &) The Stooges from way back when….

  2. D’oh! In my defence I’ve never been an Iggy fan. Thanks, Yair.

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