Hold Onto That, Tiger!

Midas Fall

Caught my first Tigerfest show of the year last night at Cabaret Voltaire in Edinburgh. TV21 were the headliners but first up were 2 younger (much younger!) acts.

Midas Fall were on first. A five piece 3 girls/2 boys line-up, their first couple of numbers were inoffensive dream pop and with a fairly static stage presence I was beginning to wonder if they were going to chime with me at all. The most excitable they got was when they broke the snare drum (cue unintentional plug for the Spare Snare Tigerfest show!) but thankfully things picked up noticeably with their last few songs.

There was more animation about the closing songs, in large part due to a much more funky bass, and they did enough to persuade me to buy their EP. Had they managed to remember to bring them to sell. Ah well, there’s always the internet.


Boycotts had no problems making an impact thanks to a lively performance and sassy singer Stina Twee. Whilst there were crunchy edgy, guitars on display, there seems to be a big pop heart beating underneath the indie stylings which suggests real crossover potential.

Twee is certainly the focus of the show and more than likely to steal a few indie kids hearts. But the 3 boys more than play their parts emphasising that Boycotts is a band and not a singer plus backing musicians (like, say,  Marina and the Diamonds).

I was definitely persuaded to buy their EP – apart from the fact that the band were simply giving them away. Result.


Finally to TV21. With the earlier bands running slightly late, they were forced to curtail their set slightly but it mattered not a jot. The sound was simply tremendous throughout and the band responded with a great performance.

Perhaps surprisingly the emphasis was more on the ‘Forever 22’ LP rather than the new old LP ‘Snakes and Ladders’. But despite playing as a four piece, they still had a good stab at ‘Ideal Way of Life’ for the first time in 4 years, with Ally’s guitar replacing the trumpet. And ‘Look To The Sun’ and ‘Tomorrow’ were simply awesome.

The only downside to the show was the disappointingly paltry attendance because taken as a package, this show was well worth the £7 entrance fee.

 Photos from the show here.

And here’s another part of the TV21 Avalanche show from last month:


  1. Ed says:

    Hi Mike

    sorry not to realise you were there last night, was on the door as well for a fair bit of the night! Glad you enjoyed it, we were a bit frustrated at the low turnout, but glad you enjoyed the acts.


  2. Did wonder if you might have been there, Ed, but I’ve no idea what you look like! We were pretty much first in, I think.

    Did you see much of TV21?

  3. hamish says:

    fair review….have become a massive fan of the boycotts….as it was the only cd i had driving back home the next day thro town so was on a 90 min loop

  4. Thanks, Hamish. I must confess on a couple of listens that I didn’t like the EP as much as I expected but then they played some newer songs as well. Need to give it another chance though.

  5. Ed says:

    I did see most of the second part of the set, which I really enjoyed…

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