Into The Fold

After just one EP and one single, you might be temped to think that Eagleowl have arrived at a signature sound which could lazily be described as ultra slow post folk.

But whilst recently released second EP ‘Into The Fold’ lends weight to that statement in that the two key tracks on the record, the title track and the epic ‘No Conjunction’ are well within the parameters you might expect, the remaining tracks illustrate that Eagleowl is a far more complicated proposition than that easy conclusion might suggest.

‘Into The Fold’ is a mere 6:13 long emerging from a swirl of electronics to make the best use of Bart’s electric guitar since ‘For The Thoughts You Never Had’. If many uptempo songs seem to attain an extra dimension from reaching a certain number of beats per minute, then Eagleowl achieve a simlilar but unlikely level of exhiliration by pitching the pace below what you’d expect.It’s an unique approach which opens up a multitude of different options.

‘Into The Fold’ therefore swells and dips beautifully whilst, over the course of almost 10 minutes, ‘No Conjunction starts with a plaintive cello introduction and builds with Bart’s guitar to a closing mantra of ‘Fall when you get there, when you get there don’t look back.’

The remaining tracks, ‘Morpheus’ and ‘Eat Hats’ however illustrate different aspects of the band. ‘Morpheus’ is an almost jaunty tune built around an insistent banjo riff, not unike some things that Meursault have done in the past. ‘Eat Hats’ , meanwhile is an elegant instrumental which both has a mid song post-rock crescendo and also reminds me of the EP ‘Like Alchemy’ recorded by occasional Eagleowl, Rob St John .

‘Into The Fold’ therefore builds on the success of the previous records and confirms Eagleowl as a band of real promise capable of making some beautiful music.

The band have also been confirmed for Saturday’s Tigerfest show at the Carnegie Hall in Dunfermline and will open for Malcolm Middleton and Spare Snare.

Buy the EP from here. More details of Saturday’s show here.
A review of another Scottish EP to follow shortly.