Now I Want To Wake Up

At this rate, somewhere in the middle of LP number 3, We Were Promised Jetpacks will turn into Eagleowl. And I’m only half joking.

If there’s one thing I’ve gone on about consistently since the second time I saw them, it’s the rate at which this band seem to have developed. With the release of  new -ish EP ‘The Last Place You’d Look’, Jetpacks are following in the path of label mates The Twilight Sad with an interim release of new material and re-worked songs from their debut. And once again it sees the band very much on the move to new territory.

‘A Far Cry’ sets the tone for the record, an atmospheric restrained number unlike much they’ve done before, with the drama building towards its conclusion. The other significant new song ‘With The Benefit of Hindsight’ (instrumental ‘The Walls Are Wearing Thin’ is a very short piece) treads a similar path.

This approach carries forward to the re-workings of ‘Short Bursts’ and ‘This Is My House …’ from the LP. ‘Short Bursts’ was one of my least favourite tracks on ‘These Four Walls’, I always felt that there was a degree of bluster about it absent from the rest of the record. But this slowed down version changes the whole feel of the song and is, at least to these ears, preferable to the original.

By contrast, ‘This Is My House …’ is one of my favourite tunes from the debut but the re-recorded version still manages to impress with its haunting strings.

Despite pushing their boundaries and opening up possibilities for record 2, ‘The Last Place …’ still feels like an interim release. It’s not going to open up a wider audience for WWPJ but it does give fans something to tide themselves over with until the release of the next record.

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