A Confession

I’ve a confession to make. Despite the fact that I believe blogs do a job in promoting new music, I rarely buy records as a consequence of hearing tunes on blogs.

Partly that’s because I enjoy reading blogs as much as anything else and also it’s partly down to a lack of time. In an ideal world I’d dip in and hear more new bands. But the bank manager may object.

As a consequence making selections from my eMusic subscription is difficult and leads to a significant bias towards older artists rather than what it was originally intended to do – find new music. Seeing bands live remains without doubt my top method of hearing new music.

So I’m happy to flag up an exception to the rule. Whilst browsing Song by Toad the other week I played a video on the site and was introduced to Thee Single Spy.

London based TSS have just released, through Robot Elephant Records,  their debut (?) single ‘Ok Corral’ on 7” and download. There’s something a little distinctive about the A side which sounds a little like a happier iLIKETRAINS with added acoustic instruments.

All in all it’s a nice mix of the familiar and the quirky and boasts a more than decent tune. The B-side ‘In Clay, In Cloud’  leans even more towards the quirky but there’s something quietly compelling about the song.

Here’s the video for the single.

You can buy the record from here.


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