The drop in my regard for Interpol can be gauged from the fact that after the wonderful debut LP ‘Turn On The Bright Lights’, I rushed out and bought a CD of follow-up ‘Antics’ on its first day of release. But by the time of self titled fourth LP, then it’s an emusic download only.

On the back of ‘Antics’ Interpol seemed to be galloping apace towards the big stadium shows but the relative failure of ‘Our Love To Admire’ has resulted in them being dropped by their major and back on super indie Matador.

And in some ways, eschewing the big stadium sound of the last couple of records, ‘Interpol’ is more of an indie album. Which isn’t to say that it’s not a big sounding LP. On the first couple of records there were a handful of songs which were slower and more than just a little serious.

Well, Interpol have made an album composed entirely of those songs. Which means that there’s no ‘Slow Hands’, no ‘Evil, no ‘Heinrich Maneuver’ even.

Even the ironically titled single ‘Success’, which opens the records, makes little impact. After 3 listens, at a point when the tunes on the Redtrack LP were jumping out at me, only ‘Light’s’ generates any excitement. In fact I can’t remember one tune on the record, just a couple of snatches of riffs.

Maybe it will grow on me but I’m not overly inclined to give it the chance. Perhaps they deserve plaudits for making an awkward record but more than anything else, this is a remarkably forgettable LP. (5/10).

Judge for yourself with the video for ‘Lights’: