In Search of That Serpent Sound

Despite having had a massive iPod for 18 months, I’m only now finally using more than a fraction of its capacity.

Initially there didn’t seem much point in ripping that much of the CD collection since I knew I would be replacing the PC and would have to do it all again quite soon. Then the new PC didn’t work very well (tip – if you buy a PC from MESH pray that it works because if it doesn’t then, heaven help you.)

When that finally worked, the current version of iTunes didn’t and it seemed to take months for a new one to be released.

But, finally, I’m sitting with 5,000+ songs on the beast, which makes it a reasonable jukebox when in that mood.

In the course of transferring music to the iPod there are a few things which have caught my fancy, not least ‘In Search of Orgasmuz’ by Red Organ Serpent Sound.

Almost inevitably I came across ROSS in a live setting when they supported dEUS in Glasgow back in 2005. Kitted out largely in ski masks, there was something appealingly bonkers about the band although the set moved slowly away from the lunacy of the early songs to something a bit more normal by its end.

The afore mentioned single was released shortly after that tour and it’s great with strong b-sides. An album appeared as a preorder on Amazon as the band appeared ready to take over the world. Or something. Then nothing. At all.

Periodic internet checks revealed very little – the LP was no longer listed and their myspace had not been updated. Their main site was gone.

I did however rececntly come across a listing on for a sampler from the LP and that was duly purchased. Featuring 5 tracks, which seem to cover the range of the live show (e.g. lunatic to normal), they suggest that ROSS the album would have been a good one but perhaps not quite the classic that ‘Orgasmuz’ might have suggested.

A little digging suggests that the LP was recorded but never released. Singer Rory appears now to be a member of Strength.

There are however quite a few ROSS videos online – here are three:

 In Search of Orgasmuz

Isle of the Dead