Secret Dancers

“I Was Going To Say That!” Kate and David, Kid Canaveral

FOUND / Kid Canaveral / The Oates Field / The Last Battle / Jo Mango – Independents Day, Barron Theatre, St Andrews – 19th September 2010

Yesterday offered the rare opportunity to get both Manic Pop Kids along to see one of their favourite bands – Kid Canaveral courtesy of BandStAnd at the Barron Theatre in St Andrews. And I think they both ended up well pleased with what was a typically exuberant Kid C performance.

It seems like ages since I’ve seen them play, although it’s not even 3 months. In the course of a reasonably lengthy set we got a blast through most of the LP and a couple of single tracks plus a preview of their cover of King Creosote’s ‘Missionary’ as a rehearsal for the Vic Galloway show live set this evening.

At one point the band inspired some secret dancing on one leg of the L-shaped room out of sight of most of the audience but they eventually spilled out into full public view.

Highlights? Well the closing run of songs takes some beating – ‘You Only Went Out …’ sounded as fresh as ever, ‘And Another Thing!!’ is both howling and melodic and ‘Couldn’t Dance’ was the perfect finale. The stuff that came before wasn’t half bad either.

It felt like the best show I’d seen from them but then I think that just about every time I do see them. There really is no other band more guaranteed to put a smile on my face at this time. The fact that the MPKs seemed to enjoy it just as much as I did is also quite cool.

Kid Canaveral will shortly be embarking on a UK tour and you should seek them out if they are playing anywhere near you.


The line-up yesterday featured two of the acts on the bill of last month’s Haarfest gig. I confessed at that time to being a little uncertain about FOUND but last night they came close to blowing me away. Having heard most of the songs before was a big factor in that and it probably didn’t hurt that the guitar was fairly prominent in the mix particularly in the first half of the set.

There’s still a wee nagging doubt that they stop short of being absolutely stellar. Sometimes that’s down to the tunes seeming to stop just when they’re really taking off but more likely it’s just a lack of familiarity. I’ve bought and really enjoyed LPs on less live evidence than FOUND have presented in the last few weeks so I’m really looking forward to hearing the record. And that brevity could well lend longevity to the tunes on record.

Also on the Haarfest bill were the Oates Field. There was no acoustic intro this time just straight into the rocking 3 piece and although short it’s a hugely enjoyable 25 minutes or so.

The Last Battle managed to lose their drummer en route which resulted in a late arrival and a shortened set. They were the quietest band of the day but offered up some promising tunes.

Of the 3 solo acts, I only caught enough of the charming Jo Mango‘s set to make any judgement. But her hushed vocals with some unusual instrumentation produced some lovely moments.

So, it turned out to be a really good day and I’ll look forward to the next BandStAnd show.

Photos from the show here.

Kid C setlist:

1. Good Morning  2. Left & Right  3. Missionary  4. Stretching The Line  5. Smash Hits  6. Second Time Around  7. Cursing Your Apples  8. Talk and Talk  9. You Only Went Out To Get Drunk Last Night  10. And Another Thing!!  11. Couldn’t Dance