Errors / The Twilight Sad


The Twilight Sad / Errors / Pensioner – Doghouse, Dundee – 30th September 2010

For the second time in two nights I found myself at the Doghouse in Dundee for the Twilight Sad/Errors co-headlining tour.

Although given prominence in the Courier article plugging the show the same day, Errors were the first of the headliners on stage. They weren’t a band I knew an awful lot about before the show but I did enjoy their performance. Electro-instrumentalists, Errors have a nice dancey kick about them and a degree of commonality with the Chemical Brothers and Fuck Buttons LPs in the collection.

Their set has distincitve phases – the first couple of tunes are jaunty, poppy numbers before the guitars are brought out for phase 2, which is much more post-rock. Phase 3 mixes the two before the finale has their most, ahem, ‘banging’ tunes. I’ve no idea what they actually played but they made for an entertaining 45 minutes.

The Twilight Sad

Which was more than I thought I was going to get out of the Twilight Sad initially. Their live approach is fairly well known – they bury the songs under a wall of noise. Which is something of a problem when the songs aren’t up to much which is unfortunately what I feel about swathes of 2nd LP ‘Forget The Night Ahead’. The first couple of tunes are from that record and amount  to little more than a sonic howl with even Graham’s vocals burried in the avalanche.

But ‘That Summer …’ lifted proceedings significantly and led straight into ‘I Became A Prostitute’, the best song on ‘Forget …’ and one which illustrates how thrilling this band can be when their noise collides with their melodies.

A new song followed which maintained the high standard before a closing run of three songs from the debut LP finished the set on a high.

Given that the band maintained that the second LP was better than the first it’s a little surprising that the set features more of the debut, but it at least left this writer a happy man. And by the end of the show I was reminded of how much I love the first record.

The show was opened by Pensioner. To be honest I’d not been terribly keen on the tracks on their Myspace a few months back so it was a pleasant surprise that they turn out to be pretty good in person. Perhaps they’re not a million miles from bassist Mike’s other band Gong Fei but the set moves towards something a litle less linear on the closing song with a false ending and half the band ending up playing amongst the audience. Get their new single here.