Tribute Band

I’ve never really seen the point of tribute bands, I’d rather listen to the records than go to see someone pretending to be someone else.

But if I was going to be IN a tribute band then it would have to be a Band of Susans tribute band. Watching that noise from the floor was a wondrous experience so what must it have been like to make it?

Anyhow, if there was a BOS tribute band and I was in it, here is how its 5 gig career would work out.

#1 – Hope Against Hope  (20 mins version)

#2 – Ready To Bend/Sometimes/You Were An Optimist/No God/Throne of Blood/Hope Against Hope (10 mins)

#3 – Throne of Blood/It’s Locked Away/Child Of The Moon/Sin Embargo/Ready To Bend/Hard Light/The Pursuit of Happiness/Hope Against Hope (10 mins)

#4 – Plot Twist/Throne of Blood/Ice Age/Tilt/The Pursuit of Happiness/Hard Light/Now Is Now/Hope Against Hope (8 mins)

#5 – Mood Swing/It’s Locked Away/Stained Glass/Following My Heart/Now Is Now/Truce/The Red and the Black/Hope Against Hope (8 mins)

Then I’d leave before the ‘Here Comes Success’ tour (not that it’s a bad record it’s just not my favourite).

This would feature in the sets:

As would this: