If You’ve Seen What I’ve Seen

Fellow Scots blogger Peenko yesterday joined the growing band of blog labels with the first release on his own Peenko Records.

The first release on the label is an 8 track E.P., ‘A Month of Lost Memories’  from I Build Collapsible Mountains, AKA Luke Joyce of the Gothenburg Address.

The band name might give nothing away about the music within but the EP title is more revealing and it may not be a surprise to learn that the bulk of the record can fairly be described as acoustic melancholia.

I first listened to the E.P. in two chunks of four tracks. I was seriously impressed by the first four tracks – there’s more than a hint of Panda Su on the gorgeous opener ‘Rails’ whilst second song ‘To The Dark’ is, relatively speaking, the rowdiest tune on the record. Relatively. The next couple of tracks were much more downbeat but ‘Slowapproacher ‘ in particular is lovely.

The ‘second side’ though struggled to hold my attention on first listen despite the fact that there are hints of Galaxie 500 in their quieter moments. Whilst, as with Beerjacket there is occasional backing, essentially it’s just one man and his acoustic guitar. Subsequent plays have however highlighted the subtle little touches that differentiate the songs, such as the twin vocals on ‘Empty Veins’ and  the way that ‘Recall The Fire’ picks up momentum on the introduction of the drums towards a coda that may even feature some spectral electric guitar.

As you can imagine AMOLM isn’t quite a natural fit to a blog called Manic Pop Thrills. Yet in some ways it reminds me of some of MPT favourite’s Kristin Hersh’s acoustic solo LPs in that the songs all work well individually yet as a whole, it could do with the occasional change of pace. I suspect that the sequencing is deliberate, to create a different mood on the latter half of the record, but for me a slightly different running order would have enhanced the record.

Still if you’re a fan of some of the haunting solo artists in Scotland today then ‘A Month of Lost Memories’ will be right up your alley.

IBCM are playing at the 3rd Peenko vs Aye Tunes show on Friday 5th November at the Classic Grand in Glasgow along with headliners, The Seventeenth Century and Come on Gang! Tickets £6 each from here.

Whilst I’m talking about fellow bloggers, Chris from Favourite Son is putting on  an Oxjam show on Friday 29th October at the Classic Grand in Glasgow. The bill features The WInter Tradition, Nevada Base, Kochka and the Clyde. I can’t say I’ve heard any of the bands but if the reviews are anything to go by it sounds like an interesting line-up – and for a good cause. More info from the blog link above.

Declaration of interest -This review was written on the basis of a review copy of the E.P.