The Sound of Young Scotland 2010

The Sound of Young  Scotland 2010 definitely involves Scottish accents, acoustic guitars and a strong folk influence.

The latest proponents to emerge into daylight are Randolph’s Leap, who release their E.P. ‘Battleships and Kettle Chips’ today on Olive Grove Records.

The label name might not be familiar (since it’s their first release) but one of the evil masterminds behind the label should be as he is Peenko – blogger, promoter and record label owner in his own right. (Actually I could be maligning Peenko’s business partner Halina here – she may or may not be an evil mastermind but given her involvement in Glasgow Podcart, I know where my money’s going.)

Anyhow enough nonsense. I tend to think that the indie-folk scene doesn’t necessarily fit in that well with this blog’s alleged statement of intent but Randolph’s Leap do so far better than most.

There’s a real exuberance about the E.P. (matched only by the Second Hand Marching Band at their loudest – and they’ve got about a thousand musicians to make their racket whereas RL only have 6!). That’s best illustrated by the raucous second track ‘As I Lie In The Mud’ and also ‘Back To Square One’ which kibnd of ebbs and flows a bit after a manic intro. Elsewhere there is the lead track ‘Going Home’ , a folky De Rosa, and the much more reflective but appallingly punningly titled ‘Cassie O’Tone’. The sparky ‘Undergod’ closes the E.P.

All in all B&KC is a cracking E.P. as well as being a rather good example of what is happening  in the Scottish music scene right now.

And you can hear it streaming here. Or watch this video of the lead track right here, right now:

Then you buy the CD here or download the E.P. from all the usual places.

The E.P. launch is this Thursday at the Captain’s Rest in Glasgow and it’s FREE! Support comes from Inspector Tapehead.

The band also play the Arches in Glasgow on 4th December supporting the Concretes.

Declaration of interest – this review has been written on the basis of an advance e-copy of the E.P. but an order has been placed for one of the just 100 shiny silver discs.