A Sort of Homecoming

The Phantom Band / FOUND – Oran Mor, Glasgow – 21st November 2010

After touring all over, most recently in the States, last night’s 90 minute plus set signified a triumphant homecoming for the Phantom Band at the Oran Mor. The show was further evidence that the Phantoms are now a reliably awesome live act – mixing almost all the new LP with the highlights from the debut.

What was noticeable was that the new songs certainly stood comparison with the older material although there was nothing to top second encore ‘Crocodile’. With the curfew fast approaching, I did fear that their instrumental tour-de-force may have been omitted despite the length of the set, but fortunately that wasn’t the case and it proved a spectacular finale to the show.

Otherwise highlights included a percussion heavy ‘A Glamour’, the lovely ‘Come Away In The Dark’ and a crashing ‘Left Hand Wave.’

Some folk hold a theory that the Phantoms are better in person than on record. I’m still not totally sure about that because for the most part I tend to think that there’s just a slightly different approach to the live shows than a better one. But the likes of ‘O’, my least favourite track on the record, gained new life by being  underpinned by a pulsing electronic heartbeat and admittedly gives some credence to that theory.

Presumably they will be out and about again in the  New Year – don’t miss them.

The Phantom Band setlist

1. Throwing Bones  2. O  3. Folk Song Oblivion  4. Everybody Knows It’s True   5. Into The Corn  6. Walls  7. A Glamour  8. The Howling  9. The None of One  10. Mr Natural  11. Come Away In The Dark  12. Left Hand Wave


13. Island  14. Crocodile

The show was opened by a brief set by Chemikal’s latest signings FOUND. It’s the third time I’ve seen them in as many months and if St Andrews was effectively the Cellardyke set in a different order, then last night they impressed by throwing 2 or 3 different (and good) songs into the mix.

There’s still a feeling that they cut some songs short just as they’re taking off. The end result of this is that the set is often about unreleased tension. But the only real disappointment is that there was no ‘Let Fidelity Break’. And no mass formation dancing either although they did get a decent reception.

The album out in March should be well worth investigating.


  1. peenko says:

    sorry I missed you mate, I made it along to this too. Awesome gig, possibly the best I have seen all year, it’s amazing what a decent drummer can do for a band!

  2. Thought I’d bump into more people I know on Sunday, peenko, but turned out not to be the case. Not sure if it’s the best show I’ve seen – Aberdeen last year was brilliant (and alcohol) and the ABC in January stunning, if a little short.

    A bit harsh on the old drummer, non?

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