Broken Not Mended?

Old news perhaps, but Idlewild have released a deluxe edition of ‘100 Broken Windows’ and tour the UK in December, playing the whole LP. A tour of America however has been cancelled after Rod Jones broke his collar bone.

The December tour is principally in venues much smaller than in their heyday. And regrettably it does seem that Idlewild have peaked career-wise. Re-releasing ‘100 Broken Windows’ just 10 years on seems a little like eking as much out of the back catalogue as possible. And on the back of the less than massive greatest hits CD, too.

We were discussing this on the way to the Phantom Band on Sunday and agreed that 10 years is just too soon for the ‘classic album’ trip. Something like 20 years seems much more acceptable. There just doesn’t seem to be the distance necessary to lend a fresh perspective on the record.

Whilst the extra disc is billed as b-sides and demos, the second CD omits many of the tracks which appeared on the CD singles of the time (although in the case of their cover of the Bunnymen’s ‘Rescue’, that’s probably a blessing). Perhaps because there was a companion rarities collection released at the same time as ‘Scottish Fiction’. Which only reinforces the notion of a band flogging its back catalogue for all its worth.Literally.

Which in many ways is a shame. Idlewild are still an interesting band when making new music but even though ‘Post Electric Blues’ came out some time ago, all this nostalgia suggests that a new record is some time away yet.

You can get the reissued ‘100 Broken Windows’ here

The short UK tour starts in Manchester on December 13th and features dates in Scotland in Edinburgh, Liquid Room (15th), Aberdeen, Lemon Tree (29th), Dundee, Fat Sam’s (30th), and Glasgow, Oran Mor (31st – early show at 6pm). (Not sure some of these shows aren’t sold out) Try here for tickets.

Here’s a song which is a favourite of the MPKs from ‘100 Broken Windows’:

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