Scientists and Big Oil Companies

Just in from a very entertaining evening with Iain M Banks at the launch of Sci-Fife in Glenrothes.

If you’ve not seen Banks perform before (and it is very much a performance) then you might be surprised at the bundle of energy he is in front of an audience. (Although if you read the chapter in ‘Esperdair Street’ with the drunk dog in the converted church, perhaps not so surprised.)

I think it’s the first time I’ve seen him when he’s not started off by reading from one of his books so it was novel to hear him discoursing on all manner of subjects – the history of SF itself,  some of his early SF influences, his own books, particularly the Culture ones, and politics. I particularly liked his summation of the argument about climate change (‘Who’s lying? Scientists or big oil companies?’)

Although he stressed on a couple of occasions being open to questions about his mainstream work, the vast majority of the audience were there for the SF angle, something the organisers of Sci-Fife (one of whom I live with) will be grateful about.

Banks is always good value for money and tonight was no exception.

The next confirmed event under the Sci Fife banner is Charles Stross in March.


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