Math Pop Thrill

I got a wee email today out of the blue advising me that You Already Know will be releasing the latest in their series of digital singles tomorrow. Which kind of proves that I’ve been sleeping because I didn’t even know that they WERE releasing a series of digital singles.

But they are although it’s hardly as ambitious as Ash’s A-Z series since it features only 3 tracks destined for their new LP ‘Petrol Money’ due for release early in the New Year. Although to be fair to YAK they, unlike Ash, are releasing B-sides with each of the singles.

First up then at the start of October was ‘Boomstick’ followed by ‘Let’s Fuck’ at the start of November. ‘The Stride’, the final one in the series, follows tomorrow (1st December) and all 3 digital singles are available from the YAK Bandcamp. (Or at least two are today and a third tomorrow).

All 3 tracks continue the Glasgow four piece’s pursuit of the perfect metal instrumental. ‘Boomstick’ is far more appealing than its Biffy Clyro math-pop thrill definition would suggest (at least to me) whilst ‘Let’s Fuck’ is a short blast lasting barely over 2 and a half minutes ushered in on a dirty QoTSA riff.

Latest release ‘The Stride’ is probably the best of the batch. It’s both the longest of the three releases and also the one which features the greatest range of dynamics – an ominous intro builds to a crashing section. Then the lead guitar section develops the riff before things drop off then pick up again. Shit description of a great track.

There’s also a promise of more gigs in 2011 and having seen them perform last year at Rock the Boat, then I can vouch for the fact that they are worth catching live.

A video for the second single (wonder what sort of searches that tag is going to generate??)


  1. Jim says:

    Tut, not been reading my regular pimping of the singles then 😉
    I’ve caught every one of their gigs this year and always leave happy. Admittedly there’s only been three gigs this year, so that isn’t as dedicated/stalkery as it sounds.
    Cracking band, happy to see them get some love!

  2. Yeah, Jim, like I say not paying attention! Still remedied at least to some extent. No doubt see you in a couple of weeks at the Kid C show.

  3. Jim says:

    Yep, I’m making one of my rare Edinburgh trips for that one. It also marks the start of around 5 days of gigs before Christmas, my liver is already worried.

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