Spectorbullets will be supporting Vic Godard and Subway Sect at Dexter’s, Dundee on Sunday 13th March. Ahead of the show Andy Wood spoke to Gustaf Heden and Russell Burn from the band.

AW – Can you tell me a little about about how and why Spectorbullets came about?

GH – The world started smelling too much of hippies.

AW – Where did the name Spectorbullets come from? Has it caused any controversy or awkward moments?

GH – We started recording stuff just after the Phil Spector trial in LA. The idea of Phil shooting that woman encapsulates so much what great pop music sounds like. You probably get pretty good reverb from a barrel of a gun.

AW – Russell, I believe you’ve played in Dundee before in other bands but this is Spectorbullets first visit. What can a Dundee audience expect from you live?

GH – Not the View.

RB – A True Ticking Timex Timebomb !

AW – No two reviews of your debut album have thrown up the same comparisons or references. Do you think you are a difficult band to pin down?

GH – Hopefully. The whole point of making an album should be that you’re not hearing that music anywhere else, and you’d like to. At the end of the day, it’s just pop songs of three minutes or shorter, the beauty is trying to do as much as possible within that time.

AW – How has the response been to the album so far?

GH – My uncle hates it.

AW – The album artwork and design is gorgeous. Do you feel the physical record still has a place in the age of digital downloads?

GH – Very much so, I don’t think paying for something digitally that I could download illegally for free has a place in any age. If you want someone to pay for your art, you want to make it something worth owning. I’ve started missing the days of waiting for an album to come out, being the first in a record store to buy it and then spending the afternoon looking at the physical copy in anticipation. It really enhances the experience.

AW – What was the concept behind the album, band and artwork?

GH – chaos is chummy with god and makes good pop songs. I think Mayakovsky Produkts, from all of us who are involved, has a general ethos of doing things exactly as we please. There’s enough compromising and frightened music out there already

AW – Are there any current bands or artists who inspire or move you?

GH – Hugo Chavez is pretty rock’n’roll.

RB – The Young Revolutionaries.

AW – What are your plans for the near future?

GH – Getting out of North Africa alive.

Tickets for the show also featuring Edinburgh School for the Deaf here. Find the event on Facebook here.

Spectorbullets released their self-titled debut LP at the end of last year. Buy it in your local record shop or online here.

Vic Godard interview here.