Galactic North

I’ve mentioned this before on my Twitter account but make no apologies for mentioning it here since tickets are on sale now.

One of my favourite authors, Alastair Reynolds will be appearing in St Andrews on Thursday 12th May. This is quite a coup for Fife Libraries as his appearances tend to be more at sci-fi conventions than individual stand-alones and I can’t remember him coming to Scotland other than for the major conventions. So hopefully St Andrews Library will be packed to the gunnels next month, particularly since tickets cost a piffling £2.50 – available from St Andrews Library or any other Fife library.

Reynolds has written some brilliant sci-fi novels in the last decade and I think what really appeals to me about his writing is that his worlds always seem credible with some form of foot in reality, despite most being far future settings.

But I’ll confess that the rock references, particularly in his earlier books (he has a novella named after an Echo and the Bunnymen song), were also something of a hook as was the fact that the first time I saw him mention music on his website was in connection with Throwing Muses.

This the second of the Sci-Fife strand of appearances and following on from Iain Banks in November, the standard of author remains, if you’ll forgive the expression, stellar, particuarly with the likes of Charles Stross and Hannu Rajaniemi hopefully making appearances later in the year.

I’m genuinely as excited about this as I would be going to see one of my favourite bands!

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NB – Declaration of interest – I’m married to the ‘promoter’!