Last night saw the second Two Winners show in Dundee.  After an impressive debut bringing Meursault and Fuzzy Lights to the city for the first time in November, Mike and Owen followed that show with the Dundee debut of Mitchell Museum at the head of a strong bill.

First up were though were local band Dormant Figure, a Dundee supergroup of sorts featuring Mike Pensioner and Peet Wildhouse. DF have expanded to a five piece since I last saw them with the addition of a keyboards player.

Whilst they undoubtedly tap some serious early 80s vibes it’s more of the Joy Division/Cure variety than the sometimes quoted Bunnymen and Teardrops. But there’s a 21st century edge to the material too, and it’s a more than decent start to the show.

On next were the Scottish Enlightenment and it was the first time I’d seen them since buying the E.P.s and the album.

To be honest I have a little difficulty with TSE over the course of a long player mainly because their distinctive, signature sound (and pacing) wears a little thin over 50 minutes or so. But, both evocative and epic, they’re more than capable of delivering over the course of a half hour set, featuring the lead tracks from the 2 EPs and select tracks from the record.

After the stately grandeur of the Scottish Enlightenment, Mitchell Museum were a hyperactive jolt to the system. The opening song was an uncompromising way to start the set – not only was it new but it was a sample led cacophony with Raindeer’s trumpet adding to the general chaos.

If things become a little more focussed thereafter, without losing any of the energy, the inclusion of further new material in the set meant that they almost balanced the new with the old. Critically though the new tunes held their own against favourites from ‘The Peters Port Memorial Service’ such as ‘Warning Bells’, ‘Copy + Paste’ and  ‘Tiger Heartbeat’.

It was a hugely impressive performance and probably the best I’ve seen from the band to date.

Mitchell Museum setlist:

1. New Song Temp (?)  2. Smoke and Mirrors  3. Mission 1  4. What They Built (?) 5. Tiger Heartbeat  6. Room for Improvement  7. Change (?) 8. Warning Bells  9. Copy and Paste

(This is based on the setlist on the stage which wasn’t what they played since it listed 10 songs! And didn’t have Mission 1 in. And new songs 4 and 7 may be the wrong way round as well …)

More Mitchell Museum to mark the blog’s 600th post in the near future …

Photos from the show here.