Panda Sus second E.P. ‘I Begin’ is finally officially launched next week. Having been on sale at her February/March dates, (which took in all the rock’n’roll hotspots in Scotland such as Glasgow, Edinburgh and, er, Kirriemuir) it’s possible that you may already own a copy. In which case me extolling its virtues may be a little redundant.

But for the rest of you here goes.

‘I Begin’ the E.P., is perhaps slightly less layered than the debut. Not that ‘Sticks and Bricks’ was dense in any way but there seems a little less going on this time in terms of the electronics. Which means that Su’s vocals are very much out front.

‘Bee Song’ is a laid back song led by Su’s acoustic guitar which is complemented throughout by a range of different instrumentation. ‘I Begin’ meanwhile starts with the sort of acoustic guitar intro you would find on Kristin Hersh’s early LPs

Final track ‘Facts and Figures’ is the real keeper here, a stand-out in the live set for some time, it’s perhaps the song that would have fitted best on the debut with its electronic percussion and a mid song crescendo which almost counts as a rock-out. Well sort of.

If there’s a mis-step on the E.P. it’s perhaps when ‘Alphabet Song’ does it exactly that, sing the alphabet,  which results in a degree of twee that Su usually avoids.

I honestly believe that if I’d heard this 5 years ago it would have passed me by. But today it’s a beguiling release which delivers on the promise of the debut L.P. Is it time for a Panda Su L.P.? Probably.

Panda Su launch the E.P. at Drouthy’s in Dundee next Thursday (21st April) with tickets £5 on the door.

A hushed, completely acoustic performance of ‘Facts and Figures’ from the aforementioned Kirriemuir: