MPCs 3 and 4

Normal service? Huh.

A vaguely relevant note that Edinburgh School for the Deaf (featured the other day) are also playing the Grassmarket Festival on Sunday 1st May at 5pm. Woo-hoo! And before TV21 come on at 7 are  the massed ranks of the Second Hand Marching Band, who I have never seen live before. So that’s basically not to be missed. And there’s also Peenko’s ESFTD interview here.

But the main point of this post (and the reason that I’ve not done something a little, well, more this evening) is to

announce the arrival of Manic Pop Cats 3 and 4. And unlike their elderly predecessors Ellie and Chuck definitely live up to the manic element!

Out to see Kid Canaveral and Thee Single Spy (or These Single Spies now apparently) tomorrow evening at the latest Toad gig so expect a review on Sunday.