Family Outing

Looking forward very much to tomorrow – the whole Manic Pop family is heading through to the Grassmarket Festival to see Edinburgh School for the Deaf, the Second Hand Marching Band and TV21. The weather seems set sunny for the day so it should be a good one.

Edinburgh School for the Deaf’s single ‘Orpheus Descending/Orpheus Ascending’ was released this morning on Bubblegum Records – a strictly limited download apparently.

‘Descending’ is the full-on electric version of the song as featured early in the set when I saw them play with Vic Godard in Dundee and sung by Keiran. Parked somewhere between Sonic Youth and shoegaze it’s a glorious reminder of ESftD in full flow. The ‘flip’ side ‘Ascending’  is a fragile acoustic take on the tune sung by Ashley which proves this band don’t just do noise.

All of which whets the appetite nicely for the LP in June – go get the single here while you still can. There was a hitch with the download earlier in the day but it seems to be sorted now. You can see the artwork not just for the single but also the LP ‘New Youth Bible’ on the Bubblegum Facebook page.

Other than that Martin John Henry has announced that his still unfinished LP will be called ‘The Other Half of Everything’. In the autumn apparently. Can’t wait.