TV21 / Second Hand Marching Band / Edinburgh School for the Deaf – Grassmarket Festival, Edinburgh – Sunday 1st May 2011

Yesterday was another glorious sunny day and a perfect one for a trip to Auld Reekie to catch part of the Grassmarket Festival.

The sunlight however was not perhaps the natural setting for first band up – Edinburgh School for the Deaf who in fact were probably some way from their comfort zone. Despite trying to keep the volume down their set was still trimmed by a song due to the noise enforcement team, a matter debatably of taste rather than volume since both the later acts were at least as noisy.

If that wasn’t enough to contend with, they also had to cope with a passing drunk (who looked suspiciously like Mark E Smith) determined to hog the limelight. But they still managed to put in an excellent set which augurs well for the debut LP.

From the set, here’s a video of recently released single ‘Orpheus Descending’ with guest appearance from “MES”, whom I genuinely was trying to keep out of shot!

Unfortunately we messed up badly when it came to the Second Hand Marching Band. With ESftD running late it seemed reasonable to assume that SHMB would be similarly late so we nipped off to get something to eat. Arriving back at what I thought was a likely start time of about 6.15 SHMB in fact were all but finished.

All we heard therefore  was  a couple of tracks from the first EP both of which sounded magnificent. Next time.

Last on were TV21 for their first gig of the year. Ignoring concerns over volume they may have been a little rusty but they still thoroughly entertained. The first half of the set indeed was TV21 jangle heaven with newie ‘Girl On The Moon’ fitting neatly between some of their earliest songs.

The second half of the set though saw them displaying the breadth of their material with some of their best (non-jangly) songs  from the apposite ‘What’s Going On?’ to an awesome ‘Tomorrow’. I always feel that if a gig makes you want to go and play the records again then it’s been mission accomplished and that was certainly the case with TV21 last night.

As mentioned on Saturday part of the reason for the trip was to take the MPKs to another  show.  Whilst teenage MPK1 has a problem doing anything other than what he’s fixated upon at any particular moment in time (usually involving an X-box or PC), MPK2 thoroughly enjoyed TV21 and was singing along to songs that I didn’t even know he knew the words for!

TV21 setlist

1. Look To The Sun  2. Something’s Wrong  3. It’s Me  4. Girl On The Moon  5. Shattered By It All  6. End of A Dream   7. What’s Going On?  8. Snakes and Ladders  9. Through Different Eyes 10. Tomorrow 11. On The Run

Here’s  a song from TV21 from yesterday:

Photos from the show here.