Things are more than a little mental at work just now, so here’s the last video from Sunday’s Grassmarket Festival to tide you over til the weekend.

And as a wee bonus it features not one but two TV21 songs – both originally from the debut LP ‘A Thin Red Line’.

‘What’s Going On?’ was the song from ‘A Thin Red Line’ that had the longest wait to be aired in the 21st century (although there’s still a couple which have never been played second time around) but it has made every set since its debut at the HMV Picture House last year.

That’s followed immediately by ‘Snakes and Ladders’ probably their best known song. S&L seemed to be out of favour around the time that the ‘Forever 22’ material was coming to the fore but has been reinstated in the setlist regularly in the last 12-18 months.

And, as a bonus, there’s no sign of MES …