I mentioned rock’n’roll at the end of the last post and I meant that almost literally because I’m going to bring King Post Kitsch to your attention this evening.

He’s got a 4 track EP out on Song By Toad Records tomorrow and it’s perhaps not what you might expect from SBT. There’s a definite hint of White Stripes running through lead track ‘Don’t You Touch My Fucking Honeytone’ and the retro feel continues through the record.

The intensity thereafter lessens through the remaining three song almost in a straight line from second song ‘Red Penny’ with ‘Alaska’ introduced by an organ and sounding quite a lot like Eels. By the time final track ‘Monomaniac’ is reached, it’s a fair distance from the direct thrust of ‘Honeytone’.

It’s nice to be able to get a chance to listen to a release from one of the Scottish indies properly before it’s due out and even better when I like it!

The EP can be bought here whilst you can here the song here.

King Post Kitsch releases his debut LP ‘The Party’s Over’ on Song, By Toad in the near future.