Tonight’s offering is another Scottish independent single released this week. I would have brought this to your attention earlier but for the fact that the original email alerting me to the new Randolph’s Leap single was consigned to my spam folder.

Anyhow, I did discover that their double A-sided single ‘Counting Sheep’/’Deep Blue Sea’ was released on Monday past by Olive Grove Records.

‘Counting Sheep’ is instantly recognisable from the one time I’ve seen the band perform live. A joyous little number, it’s driven forward by acoustic guitars with added flourishes of brass and organ. If you’re looking for one song to sum up the joie de vivre of this band then this is the one.

‘Deep Blue Sea’ is cut from slightly different cloth but just as infectious. It starts off a bit black and white , a plaintive vocal section over a sparse acoustic guitar, before exploding into instrumental techniclour with the full band complemented by some more brass. The two sections are then repeated for the second half of the song.

Sadly the single seems to be a download only beast so you can only get it online from their Bandcamp or the usual retailers.

OK, off to see Mercury Rev tomorrow for the first time in several years, should be interesting.