Welcome to the first proper podcast of 2011.

You can’t have failed to notice the novels that litter the posts of this blog, mainly SF novels at that. This may have been a little frustrating for the people who come here for the music but I suppose it’s just an illustration of the selfish nature of the blog. I write about what I like, when I like.

Yet the two main strands to the blog have sat slightly apart all this time as I’ve never really managed to bridge the gap between the music and the books. Until today.

Now I’ve always been thrilled to be able to do the podcasts with musicians whose work I love but I am unbelievably chuffed that my latest podcast  ‘victim’ is renowned SF author Alastair Reynolds.

I’ve read all his novels since his debut ‘Revelation Space’ and was also curious that he littered his books and stories with rock references. It became clear from his website that Al is a big music fan. In fact make that a huge music fan. Given that he has regularly talked about some of my favourite artists, there’s also a fair degree of common ground with the sort of stuff featured in the blog.

So here’s the first genuine MPT Music/SF crossover. Due to the amount of material that I ended up with I’m splitting this into two podcasts. The first deal with Al’s writing although it is also interspersed with his choice of music.

The second to follow in a few days is almost exclusively about the music. I hope you enjoy it.

It’s here in the meantime – can’t seem to get the widget to work. 😦

Nor does, it would appear, the latest vesion of IE like that link. So try this instead: