Fuzzy Lights have just released a new digital only single from their excellent 2010 LP ‘Twin Feathers‘.

‘Slowing Time’ is undoubtedly one of their songs which most reminds me of Aussie band the Paradise Motel. In some ways it’s a typical Fuzzy Lights song, shifting from quiet to loud in a few bars. But whereas they often do this with loud guitars, on ‘Slowing Time’ take-off is achieved through the violin which results in giving the song a lighter, more accessible edge.

The B-side is an acoustic re-recording of ‘Safe Place’ from the debut LP ‘A Distant Voice’, cunningly re-titled ‘Another Safe Place’. Songs with vocals on the debut are outnumbered by the instrumentals but ‘Safe Place’ is plucked from the minority. The new recording manages to build tension from the acoustic instruments in a not dissimilar way to what Mercury Rev did on ‘Deserter’s Songs’.

So – a single worth getting a hold of from their Bandcamp. And hopefully it may persuade you to buy the rather good parent LPs too.

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