When FOUND first announced that their second single from ‘Factorycraft’ was going to be a playable chocolate 7″ of ‘Anti Climb Paint it seemed far too close to April Fool’s Day to be true. But lo, it is in fact true.

Quite what you would do with a chocolate single is something of a conundrum. It seems ridiculous to actually eat it but this will be a record with a very definite shelf life!

Anyhow if you want to face the dilemma of what to do with it, then head over to the Chemikal Underground site for a chance to win one of just 50 copies.

FOUND are also playing a special gig at Fisher’s and Donaldson’s bakers in Cupar and you can win tickets for that too.

Yje non-edible version of the single is out next week on Chemikal!