Aidan Moffat

It always takes me longer to get to know digital releases than CDs that I can play in the car. But the wait has been worth it with ‘Everything’s Getting Older’ by Bill Wells and Aidan Moffat.

Their long awaited LP (previewed as far back as last January at the Chemikal Underground 15th anniversary show) was finally released early last month and it’s a classy record, with Wells’s piano the perfect accompaniment to Moffat’s trademark vocals.

It’s a record that covers a lot of moods. The elegant introductory instrumental ‘Tasogare’ carries straight into the lovely piano of ‘Let’s Stop Here’. Elsewhere you can imagine the staccato jazz intro of ‘Cages’working perfectly as a soundtrack to a 60s, black and white French movie whilst ‘Dinner Time’ is a spooky, threatening wee number, which beautifully mirrors the breaking and entering motif of the lyrics.

By and large though the music matches the tone of regret present in many of the songs such as the mournful trumpet on ‘The Copper Top’.

None of which means that Moffat has abandoned his explorations of society’s sexual underbelly with ‘Glasgow Jubilee’ a prime example.

This far in Moffat is instantly recognisable of course but in Wells he’s found a collaborator to bring something new and special to the music.

One of the best songs on the record: