Zoey van Goey

Zoey van Goey / General Judgement / Deadlight Red / Valerie – Dexter’s Bar, Dundee – Thursday 9th June 2011

Another show by and upcoming band in Dundee and another disappointing turn-out.

Zoey van Goey seem a little under-rated – in fact I’m probably guilty of that myself at times and it maybe explains why there’s not more folk present. Perhaps it’s the fairly low profile that they’ve kept since the release of second LP ‘Propeller vs Wings’ or perhaps it’s that they are a fairly hard to pigeonhole (and therefore sell) mix of quirky pop and quieter, folkier stuff. Whatever, their performance at Dexter’s on Sunday was worthy of a much bigger audience.

Focussing more on the quirky pop side in person they mixed the best songs from the new LP with some of the highlights from the debut . At times, the live set-up was a bit sparse, even with the presence of their new-ish bass player. ‘You Told The Drunks ..’ for example was pretty much just based around MJ’s electric guitar.

To compensate the band  rather ambitiously attempted to fill some gaps with audience participation – an audience beatbox on ‘Sackville Sun’ and much more straightforward ‘Tyrannosaur!’ shouts on ‘Robot Tyrannosaur’. These were not entirely successful, to be honest, but they certainly succeeded in reinforcing what a fun band ZVG are live.

But there was also plenty of evindence of what a good band ZVG are – an edgy ‘Cake and Eating It’, a streamlined but still uplifting ‘Foxtrot Vandals’ and the brilliant ‘The Best Treasure Stays Buried’.

Oh and if you’re looking for any further evidence of under-rated, then they played the following 12 songs but not the brilliant ‘We All Hid In Basements’ nor the haunting ‘City Is Exploding’.

Zoey van Goey setlist

1. Mountain on Fire  2. Cake and Eating It  3. Sweethearts In Disguise  4. Another Day Another Disaster 5. Little Islands  6. Two White Ghosts  7. Sackville Sun  8. You Told The Drunks I Knew Karate  9. Foxtrot Vandals  10. Robot Tyrannosaur  11. The Best Treasure Stays Buried  12. We Don’t Have That Kind of Bread

A video for one of the early highlights:

The two principle supports were rather incongrously loud rock bands. General Judgement capture an indie punk vibe and were pretty decent over an admittedly short six song set.

Deadlight Red meanwhile seem to be aiming for that epic blue collar rock sound and at times they managed to achieve that although I can’t help feeling that they would be better served cutting loose more often than they currently do.

General Judgement

Deadlight Red