Isa and the Filthy Tongues

Isa and the Filthy Tongues / Birdhead / The Lotus Project – Limbo Live, The Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh – Friday 10th June 2011

Friday night offered the opportunity to right two wrongs. Firstly, despite a series of cracking bills, I’d never managed to get along to a Limbo show in Edinburgh, a quite serious omission. Secondly it was over 18 months since I’d last seen Isa and the Filthy Tongues so their appearance on the last Limbo bill before the summer provided me with the impetus to finally break my Limbo duck.

And as it turned out, it was a cracking evening all round.

Let’s deal with the headliners first. The set was drawn from both albums, a  couple of songs featured on the live album and a cover. Anything from the first LP is always welcome so it was great to hear the likes of ‘Trouble’ and ‘I’ll Do What I Want’. Since it’s not on the version of ‘Addiction’ that I own, I nver quite count it as being on that record, but ‘Big Star’ was absolutely tremendous.

The selections from ‘Dark Passengers’ were well chosen and veered towards the slightly darker tunes from the record with ‘Beautiful Girl’ and ‘New Town Killers’ particular highlights. The only MacKenzies track to get an airing was ‘Crew Cut’ (also on the live record) whilst there was an early cover of Iggy Pop’s ‘Cock In My Pocket’ sung with some gusto by Martin … and Stacey!

All in all, and far from unexpectedly, Friday proved what a great live band the Filthy Tongues are. You can get some idea from their live LP available here (and still in the  limited edition double).

Surprise of the night was Birdhead who sounded very much like the product of a behind the bike shed liaison between Scars and Fuck Buttons. Some heavy beats, lacerating guitars and pounding drums dominated the set with added shouty vocals. All in all it was a blistering and hugely impressive performance. Unbfortunately it may be several months before you get the chance to catch them live again as they appear to be taking a live sabbatical hopefully to add to their recorded output.

I must have missed most of the Lotus Project on this occasion a solo performance by Marie Claire. Rarely can one woman and her electric guitar sounded as haunting and, at times, frankly a little bit sinister. But it was an intriguing 15 minutes or so.


The Lotus Project

Isa and the Filthy Tongues setlist

1. Suicide Pimp  2. Crew Cut  3. Sorority Girl  4. Cock In My Pocket  5. Beautiful Girl  6. Big Blue  7. Trouble  8. Finders Fuckers  9. Take It  10. Call Me  11. New Town Killers  12. Big  Star  13. Treetops  14. Do What I Want