Occasionally I worry that the Scottish blogging scene gets a little inward looking. But given the time constraints I face, when other blogs put records in front of me it’s a relatively easy way of checking things new out. And over the last couple of years I have found that Song By Toad Records is a pretty reliable way of finding new music. Not that I like everything Matthew’s released but when I do like his releases I tend to like them quite a lot.

So it is with the latest Song By Toad act King Post Kitsch. After getting their storming debut EP ‘Don’t Touch My Honeytone’ a couple of weeks ago, making the decision to also get the LP ‘The Party’s Over’ was something of a no-brainer.

Yet the album is in some  ways quite surprising. Whereas the EP was (largely) a slab of down and dirty garage rock’n’roll TPO is not nearly as straightforward. Sure there are plenty of loud guitars splashed throughout proceedings but the songs are mostly more ambitious than the relatively uncomplicated thrills of the EP.

In fact the EP seems to have been deliberately sequenced to point you in the direction of the LP as ‘The Party’s Over’ in general sounds much more like final track ‘Monomaniac’ than lead track ‘Honeytone’. Of course that’s a little simplistic but expect more from this album than you might have expected.

So whilst ‘The Werewolf Hop’ and ‘Bricks and Bones’ both feed off primitive guitars riffs (eventually in the case of the former), there’s more than a hint of a rough and ready Eels on these songs. And the likes of  ‘Walking on Eggshells’ (available as a free download here) takes that quirky pop sensibility to its logical conclusion.

In keeping with the LP’s title, there’s very much an appropriate come down feeling to some of the songs in particular the Antlers-esque ‘Closing Time’ which is the perfect way to close the record.

‘The Party’s Over’ is clearly an album that’s been made for the love of the music but more importantly it also manages to maintain the high level of quality you would expect from Song By Toad. Recommended.

Buy the CD here.