Alastair Reynolds Podcast – Part 2

Way too late to be messing around with this – Part 2 of the podcast with SF author Alastair Reynolds can be found here:

Featured music:

1. Edinburgh School for the Deaf – Of Scottish Blood and Sympathies* (from ‘New Youth Bible’) [Buy it]

2. Birdhead – Tourist* (from ‘Talons’ E.P.) [Ask them nicely if you can buy it]

3. Amadou & Mariam – Ce N’est Pas Bon (from ‘Welcome To Mali’) [Buy it]

4. XTC – Red Brick Dream (from ‘The Big Express’) [Buy it]

5. The Triffids – Red Pony [Buy it]

6. KT  Tunstall – (Still A) Weirdo (from ‘Tiger Suit’) [Buy it]

7. The Paradise Motel – Dead Leaves* (from ‘I Still Hear Your Voice At Night’) [Buy it]

8. Wire – Clay*(from ‘Red Barked Tree’) [Buy it]

Songs picked by Alastair Reynolds except * by MPT