Lorcan and Neil, Meursault

Meursault / Inspector Tapehead / Beerjacket – The Caves, Edinburgh and Edinburgh School for the Deaf / Young Spooks – Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh – Friday 17th June 2011

Primary objective – see as much of Edinburgh School for the Deaf and Meursault in 2 different venues on the same night.

Secondary objective – see as much of Inspector Tapehead, Beerjacket and Young Spooks at the same venues as possible.

Subsidiary 0bjective – get ESFTD LP.

19:15 Subsidiary objective achieved and exceeded as Young Spooks single and limited edition ‘Spooklet’ are also obtained. But Young Spooks and Beerjacket appear both to be on at the same time. Toss a coin. Tails – Beerjacket it is.

20:00 Bad decision. Beerjacket not on stage til 20:20 – we could have seen Young Spooks too.

20:20 Nice set from Beerjacket – 4 new songs and ‘Drum’ from the ‘Animosity’ LP. Leave during the fifth song to head back to Sneaky Pete’s.

20:50 Timing looks impeccable – all 4 members of ESFTD on stage. Except they all leave again.

21:00 ESFTD off and running. Even though it’s an LP launch they play several songs not on ‘New Youth Bible’ in a short set. ‘Love Is Terminal’ is a highlight but it’s a lurching, ramshackle version compared to the LP. Otherwise they probably lose 5-10% down to the sound but ‘Orpheus Descending’ is still urgent and ‘Of Scottish Blood and Sympathies’ as epic as ever. We see the whole set – half the primary objective achieved.

21:40 Arrive back at the Caves – Neil Meursault is outside but we’ve completely missed Inspector Tapehead.

22:10 The new 8 piece Meursault on stage. ‘Nothing Broke’ is heartbreaking, ‘Flitting’ absolutely wonderful. A fragile opening section until the full band kicks in- another epic. It’s an almost perfect distillation of Meursault into one song but I wouldn’t bet against Neil topping even that. Of the remaining 5 songs, four are new and they’re all great including ‘Settling’ and the closing ‘Dearly Distracted’. Primary objective attained.

Meursault continue to change, to evolve, but most importantly they continue to dazzle. The third LP should be one of the LPs of the year.

Kieran, Edinburgh School for the Deaf