Woodside Nights

Cancel The Astronauts

Cancel The Astronauts / Calm As The Colour / Chris’s Dad’s Covers band – Woodside Inn, Glenrothes – 18th June 2011

Some times bands just want to play as long as they like. Which usually isn’t possible on the crowded gig circuit. So Cancel The Astronauts organised their own T in the Park warm up show in Glenrothes and played for a full hour. Which meant that they could play not just their new stuff but also still have time to fit in lots of  their old tunes. Result all round.

Seeing them for an hour emphasised their pop side not only with newies like ‘Intervention’ (surely the next single) but also the MPT requested ‘Late In The City’. Otherwise there’s a song entirely new to these ears and a couple I’d only heard once before such as ‘Making Dynamite’.

Decent crowd too, if somewhat noisy. But everyone seemed to have a good time.

Cancel The Astronauts played:

1. Animal Love Match  2. Funny For A Girl  3. She Said She Loves Somebody Else  4. Country Song  5. New song (didn’t catch what Matthew annnounces it as even with the benefit of a recording!)  6. Love Backwards  7. Seven Vices  8. Listen  9. I am the President of Your Fanclub (and last night I followed you home)  10. Late In The City  11. Making Dynamite  12. Things I Shouldn’t Tell You  13. Intervention  14. Let’s Go Expo

Calm as the Colours

Earlier, I wasn’t quite sure what to make of support Calm as the Colours. Decent enough in a vaguely Stone Roses-ey way they seem to be operating in very familiar territory for a lot of Scottish bands. Although I believe it’s early days for the band, in such a crowded field, it’s not quite clear what they can do to stand out, although there’s one heavier tune on offer.

The evening was opened by Chris’s Dad’s Covers Band complete with CTA Chris on guitar rather than drums. Whilst there was the expected mix of 70s rock in there, there were also some great songs too and you suspect that this was the band that the Woodside regulars enjoyed the most!

Used with permission from last night’s CTA set:

Late In The City (live) – Cancel The Astronauts

(Recorded at the Woodside Inn on 18th June 2011)

Cancel the Astronauts play the Electric Circus on Saturday 25th June with Boycotts and Lady North before playing T in the Park on the T Break stage on Saturday 9th July.

They will be supporting the Saw Doctors in Troon on 10th September around the same time as they release a new single.